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About Orion Business Solutions

Orion Business Solutions was founded in 2012 to provide consulting services to both corporate and private clients in the following areas:

Whether your desire to change is driven by regulation, changing markets, channels, customers or simply a desire to improve performance, we can help you to achieve the required change without compromising business as usual activities.

Our Team has considerable experience across a number of industries and business disciplines, including Marketing, Advertising, Market Research, Aviation, Security, Technology, Telecoms, Property Development and Financial Services.  We have held a variety of frontline and board-level roles in Operations & Customer Services Management, Programme Management, IT and HR.

The team consists of Laura Hawes, former Executive Director at Fidelity International and Adrian Hawes, former Systems Operations Manager and Project/Programme Manager at Fidelity International.  Both Laura and Adrian have lived and worked overseas and are highly experienced in managing international teams.

“Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it and I shall move the world.”
Archimedes (230 BC)

Why Orion?

The constellation Orion is a prominent feature in the night sky, is visible throughout the world and is one of the most recognisable constellations.   The distinctiveness of Orion has led to it being incorporated into myth and symbolism in many cultures throughout the world.  Late Bronze Age Babylonian star catalogues name Orion as the ‘Heavenly Shepherd’, the ancient Egyptians linked the constellation with Osiris, the Sun-God of re-birth and afterlife and in Greek Mythology, Orion is 'The Hunter'.

In most cultures Orion is seen as a powerful symbol of strength, determination, guidance and starting anew.  It is no coincidence that NASA has named their flagship for the next generation space fleet, designed for travel far beyond low Earth orbit, after the constellation.

The NASA Orion flagship is a fabulous example of an Operations Management project following a clear strategy, underpinned by technology and a deep commitment from a dispersed team, all of whom are totally galvanised, are committed to their internal customers and are fully understanding of what they need to do to make the project successful.  This project uses tried and tested techniques that have been refined and updated, coupled with new innovations that are complementary and at the same time leading edge.  Although the details may be different, this is the type of approach to a new product, service or change programme, with a committed workforce, that any organisation would be proud of.

The name Orion has clearly inspired many over thousands of years and we include ourselves in that group.  This resonance inspired us to name our business, which we approach with the strength and determination that Orion represents.

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